I Need a New TV After My Pet Ruined It

I have an old cat that I had long before I married my wife. She’s not very fond of felines, but she puts up with mine because she loves me. He causes more trouble now that he is older, but there is no way that I will give him up now that he’s a senior. Last week, he sprayed urine on our TV set and it stopped working. I will be looking for a good Cyber Monday TV sale so that I can afford a new one. My wife is not very happy that our television is ruined. It’s a large 48 inch television, and those are not cheap. So, I’m grateful that this big sale is coming up very soon.

My parents gave me the cat for my 18th birthday. I was moving out on my own for the very first time, and my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to learn the responsibility of taking care of a living creature for the very first time. I thought it would be pretty easy, and it hsa been for the most part. I think the hardest moments have come about when my furry friend gets sick. He is also a bit cantankerous at times, and he’s not the most friendly creature. Now that he is older, he seems to like doing what he wants to do.

If my wife had her way, we wouldn’t have any pets at all. We have three children, and that takes up a lot of our time as it is. She doesn’t understand the love that I have for this cat, but I am glad that she puts up with it. The next TV that I purchase will be one that goes up on the wall, and I know that he can’t reach a TV if it’s 5 feet up above his head. Some people would get angry and throw their pet outside, but I know that I just need to think about ways to keep my pet away from things that he can ruin.