Spent the Day at a Wedding

To be honest I had absolutely no clue who anyone was there, but this was something that was akin to a business decision. That is to say that my immediate boss needed a date and she told me that I was going to do it. In theory I would not mind going out with her, except that that sort of thing nearly always turns out badly. If you break up with your boss, that is obviously not going to be a good career move. She picked me up wearing a black evening gown with a diamond chokers. It looked really expensive and I asked her if she could afford it, apparently she had borrowed it from her grandmother and told me that it was going back in a safety deposit box as soon as we got back from Santa Monica. It took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get there and then I nearly got in trouble, because some of the other guests knew something that I only suspected.

These girls knew at once that the date was a sham for her parents, because they knew very well that I was packing the wrong equipment. In fact it is not any of my business if my boss likes girls instead of men, although I suppose it is my business when she is trying to convince her grandmother that she does not. That seemed to be the only thing she cared about and it was obvious that this is not the sort of grandmother that would have liked to know such a thing. At any rate I pulled off the job as best as I could and had a pretty good time. There was the usual drunk uncle and even a little fight between the ubiquitous drunk idiots, neither of whom seemed to be known to anyone else.