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Reasons Why You Need a Custom Email Address For Your Business

Reasons Why You Need a Custom Email Address For Your Business
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If you are planning to create a website for your business, besides purchasing domain and web hosting plans, consider getting a custom email address for your business. A custom email address ensures customers know and understand your business or brand.

When customers decide whether to work with your business, they look for legitimacy. With custom email hosting in Australia, you can brand your business as legitimate, which can help increase its success.

Continue reading to learn why having a custom email address for your business is essential.

Importance Of Custom Email Address For Your Business

Below are some reasons to consider opting for the best Australian email hosting plan.

1.      Adds To The Professionalism Of Your Business

The best email hosting benefit includes adding a professional appeal to your business with a custom email address. As a business owner, you will regularly send emails to your clients or customers.

A free email, “Peter1989@gamil.com,” does not sound as professional as a custom email account, “sales@yourbuisness.com.” A custom email also helps establish your business as it lets it be known to everyone who scrolls through your website’s Contact Us page.

2.      Adds To The Credibility Of Your Business

Gaining the trust of your customers is important and challenging. However, having their trust can add to your business’s credibility. If your business email looks something like this: “buisness@gmail.com,” there is a chance that it will be perceived as spam as it does not display your identity.

Additionally, someone could send emails to your customers with a similar email like “buisness@gmail.com” to scam them, increasing the risk of losing customers. However, with a custom email like “xyz@yourbuinsess.com”, you can gain your customers’ trust and increase your business’s credibility, which will eventually help increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

3.      Enhances Security

Cyberattacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, a custom email address allows for more robust security measures and can tackle these situations.

The best email hosting plans in Australia include robust security measures like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. Additionally, prioritising security for your email helps you gain the trust of your customers.

4.      Increased Storage And File Sharing Capabilities

Often, free email services have limitations on the file sizes you can share and the storage space you can use. However, with custom email hosting services, you can easily send out larger files and get adequate storage space.

Therefore, if you regularly deal with huge amounts of data or work on big projects, you should definitely consider opting for email hosting services. 

5.      Complete Control Of Your Email

When your employees use their personal email to contact or communicate with clients for your business, you risk losing the contacts built on your employee’s email if they decide to leave your company.

However, with a custom email address, you can always back up all the business emails and deactivate an employee’s email if they stop working for you. Additionally, with a custom email account, you can easily forward all the emails to the new employee, improving your business’s operations.

To Wrap It Up

A custom email address can benefit your business by improving your brand image, fostering easy and better communication, offering greater control and flexibility, increasing credibility, and more.

Therefore, to help grow your business, consider investing in email hosting solutions and enjoying the benefits of a custom email address.