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6 Tips to Mix and Match Black and White Dress to Look Stylish

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Wearing black and white on your mix and match fashion can instantly create a stylish appearance, but also risky at the same time. One combine them, you will actually look like a schoolgirl or maid. In order to still look sophisticated wrapped in these two colors you may mix and match with some limited pattern dress such in LuLaRoe consultants in New York NY , see the tips which are summarized from the All Women Stalk:

  1. Give Accessories

Avoid wearing a plain white shirt with a black pencil skirt if you do not want to look like intern in the office. If you want to perform with the equivalent of this, add shades of gold necklaces and accessories or replace skirt with flare pants are more fashionable. In addition, stiletto shoes will improve your appearance.

  1. Give Texture

If you do not want to appear innocent, give texture or motif for the equivalent black and white you. For example, combining a plain white shirt with a blazer, trousers or skirt black and white houndstooth motif. Red lipstick to brighten your overall look.

  1. Pants Motif

Focus on black and white motif for pants if you want to look casual. Matching the two colors is already pretty catchy, so make sure you wear a boss who is more simple and plain. Pair with a white or black tops and accessories to be more chic.

  1. Stack

Piling up a black and white themed clothing also has his own tricks. Avoid combining a collared shirt with a black strapless or sleeveless dress, if you do not want to look like a waiter. Some trends stacks that you can try is to add a jacket or blazer black to white shirt, or vice versa. Wear a matching blouse and jacket, with a pair of chic white or black to look more edgy.

  1. Integrate Motif

For those of you who like to look bold with printing, there is no harm in combining two different motifs in one view. For example, combine tops with skirts polka-dot motif chic lines. The key is to combine the proportion of large and small motifs, so as not to create an eye sore. Add a blazer white or black to blend the colors.

  1. Different Materials

Another option is to look stylish in black and white bandage is to combine two different materials. For example, you can combine a feminine lace dress with a black biker jacket masculine style. The proportion of superiors and subordinates can also create different views. Black crop tops, mix with white midi skirt to appear ladylike style.