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Environmentally Friendly Products – Discover How They Can Help Protect Your Family

Environmentally Friendly Products – Discover How They Can Help Protect Your Family
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Environmentally Friendly Products - Discover How They Can Help Protect Your Family

If you don’t know it yet, home drinking water filters are environmentally friendly products. Think for a minute, and I’m sure you will understand what I mean. The reason why we use drinking water filters in the first place is to keep thousands of pollutants in our groundwater system from entering our homes and affecting our health.

What we usually never consider is this: If the filters we use to reduce or eliminate the toxins that flow through our taps, then they also stop them from entering the wastewater system. After the water drains into our sewers after use, they are allowed to flow back to where they started, with chemical contaminants and everything.

Water treatment facilities are not equipped to effectively remove chemical contaminants whether the water is traveling to or from our homes. There will always be chemicals in our drinking water, and there isn’t much we can do as far as eliminating them altogether. However, we can help keep their levels under control through the use of environmentally friendly products such as drinking water filters.

We never really considered how many chemical agents flowed through our showers on certain days too. Did you know that you consume up to 6,000 times more chemicals by breathing in steam showers every day than by consuming one gallon of unfiltered drinking water? Deadly carcinogens such as chlorine can be largely prevented through the use of showerhead filters in your bathroom.

90% of the chlorine and other poisons in your bath water can be removed from the steam you breathe, and 90% are released from the environment by this environmentally friendly product. There is much more you can do to help yourself and save the environment, such as stopping supporting the use of plastic water containers.

The plastic water bottle that you drink contains a carcinogenic chemical known as phthalates, which leeches out of the plastic and into the water you drink. This carcinogenic agent is also permitted to seep into the groundwater system when released by decomposing the bottles in a landfill. There are 60,000,000 plastic water bottles that are thrown away in the US alone, every day.

There are environmentally friendly products to help you stop this kind of contamination as well, and take care of your health. What you have to do is invest in a set of aqua-food grade stainless steel, or a glass water bottle that can be closed. Many companies that sell drinking water filters and showerheads offer these items for sale, and they are very suitable for use with your drinking water system.

I know you want to protect your family, and help save the environment. What better way to do both than with environmentally friendly products like drinking water filters, showerhead filters, and reusable non-plastic travel containers?