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Types of Employee Surveillance to Defeat Insider Theft and Fraud

Types of Employee Surveillance to Defeat Insider Theft and Fraud
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Astonishing 95% of businesses now report encountering problems with employee theft.Companies face many security threats, such as insider theft and fraud, which pose significant risks to organizational integrity and profitability. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that employees are monitored when necessary to protect the company’s interests. These are the three most important things for businesses to pay attention to.

3 Types of Employee Surveillance to Defeat Insider Theft and Fraud

Computer Use and Data Access

Theft of money and property can harm a business. But it’s much less likely to be deadly than a successful cyberattack. One of the most important things for companies to monitor is how their workers use company computers and networks. They should use a single sign-on (SSO) solution, at the very least, to monitor and manage which workers can access which data and systems.

They can also use an employee computer tracking system to see what their workers do with their access. This can inform managers about fishy behavior that can mean an employee is up to no good before they do a lot of damage. Another good thing is that it can stop people from doing bad things if workers know about it.

Financial Data and Fraud Detection

Financial fraud is the second most dangerous thing that can happen to a business after hacking. Because of this, companies must constantly monitor all of their financial information for signs of scams. First, they should monitor employee spending accounts. Many of the fraud employees do against their employers is related to expenses. To stop this from happening, companies need to teach their workers how to keep track of business costs and then check the process regularly.

 It’s also good for companies to use AI and machine learning to monitor their accounts for signs of scams. Many companies now make fraud detection tools that use AI. These tools are great for being cautious and protecting your business. They keep learning from the company’s expected financial trends and are very good at spotting changes that could mean there is a threat. Utilize tools like Controlio for employee computer monitoring.

Facilities Access Control

Last,  Companies should monitor and manage their workers’ entry into the building. Most companies know about and have used this type of physical protection for a long time. However, companies today have complicated access control and surveillance systems that do much more than give workers keys.

These systems should be used.

Buildings should have strict rules about who can enter and when to prevent theft. The goal is for only workers who have a good reason to be in the office to be able to get in. Companies should consider adding AI-powered cloud solutions to their camera-based security tech so that they can spot the signs of physical theft in real-time.


When companies use the right technologies in the right ways, they can monitor their workers and find problems before they can harm the company. Employers should, of course, be able to increase their monitoring as needed. However, as long as they pay attention to the three main areas listed above, they should be able to stop the most significant insider threats they face. Sure, that’s a goal that’s worth going after.